Solna 425
Swedish Made
Conventional Dampening
Very Nice Running Machine
Winn 504

Kompac Damps
Ir Drier
Powder Spray
14" X 20" Maximum paper size
13 3/4" X 18 1/2" Printing Area
3 Ink Form Rollers / 16 Roller
Pull guide register - Helical Gearing
Circumferential & Lateral register
on the run
Water chiller circulation unit
More pictures and info available on request
Man Roland R304 with Coater
Model R304+L
23x 29 6 Up Press
CPL Plate Loading, Plate Cocking
Extended Delivery
Perfecter Between Units 2 & 3
Impressions  174,659,162
Rolandmatic Dampening
Technotrans Cooling
Man Roland Console CIP 3
Super Blue Nets
Blanket and Back Cylinder Washers
More Info and Pictures
Aurelia/OMCSA Model 700/H440P
4 Color 40 Inch
Vacuum Belt Infeed
Poly-Flo Dampening
Oxy Dry IR Dryer
Baldwin Refrigeration
Auto Magic Sheet Decurler
Oxy Dry Powder Spray
More Info, Pictures and Video
1997 Ryobi 524 HX
MicroColor Console
Ryobi Continuous Dampening
Remote Register on Delivery
AAC Auto Water Control
Royce Refrigeration
Midland IR Dryer
Original Owner/ i Shift Shop
2009 Shinohara S52-IVP
4 Col. Size 37/52cm
30 Mill
Perfecting 2/3
Semi Autoplate
SCC – Shinohara Console for Ink and Register
Automatic Blanket and Roller Washers
Chromed Impression Cylinders
Baldwin Nm2.0 Refrigeration and Recirculation
Static Eliminator
Can Be Seen Running in Perfect Condition
2000 Hamada B452A
520 x 365mm
Stream feeder, Pull Guides
Vacuum Feed Tapes
Max,Speed 10,000 IPH,
IR drying, Blanket wash
Chiller recirculator,
Static Eliminator