Making Printers Smile For Over 42 Years
Solna 425
Swedish Made
Conventional Dampening
Very Nice Running Machine
Winn 504

Kompac Damps
Ir Drier
Powder Spray
14" X 20" Maximum paper size
13 3/4" X 18 1/2" Printing Area
3 Ink Form Rollers / 16 Roller
Pull guide register - Helical Gearing
Circumferential & Lateral register
on the run
Water chiller circulation unit
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Man Roland R304 with Coater
Model R304+L
23x 29 6 Up Press
CPL Plate Loading, Plate Cocking
Extended Delivery
Perfecter Between Units 2 & 3
Impressions  174,659,162
Rolandmatic Dampening
Technotrans Cooling
Man Roland Console CIP 3
Super Blue Nets
Blanket and Back Cylinder Washers
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Solna 425 Model 70
220 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 37 Amp.
Sheet size. maximum
18" x 25 1/4"
Conventional Dampening
Powder Spray
1986 Heidelberg GTO-52 VP

CPC 101 Console
Alcolor Dampening
60 Million Original Impressions
Midland IR Dryer
Baldwin Refrigeration
Overhead Led Inker Lights 2 Per Unit
Excellent Condition with All Controls and Console in Working Order
This Press Is in Production
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2002 Sakurai 466 SIB
Four-Color Offset Press
18.5 X 25 Sheet Size
36 Million Impressions
Olivermatic Dampening
Refrigeration / Recirculation Unit
Semi Auto Plate Changers
Auto Ink Roller Wash
Powder Spray Unit
Console Off Press Controls
IR Dryer
Can Be Inspected in Operation
Available late August
Aurelia/OMCSA Model 700/H440P
4 Color 40 Inch
Vacuum Belt Infeed
Poly-Flo Dampening
Oxy Dry IR Dryer
Baldwin Refrigeration
Auto Magic Sheet Decurler
Oxy Dry Powder Spray
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