2000 Duplo 4000 Booklet Maker
10 Bin Tower
DBM 120 Stitcher
4 MIL on counter
PS 10 Rotary
Numbering Machine

20,000 sheets per hour
Up to 42 Numbering heads
11x17 Max
Sheet Counte,r  Air Suction
Feed, Top loading,
Lift Out Perforating,
Scoring, Slitting Assembly
Duplo DC 10000
30 Bin Collator
with Lifting Station
and  Stacker
Stahl folder
Model : RF 78
16 page
SN : 37430-154106
Continuous feeder
4+4+4 plus 2 gatefold plates.
Pre score shaft in main unit.
1994 Borg
BST 10 Booklet Maker
2-10 bin towers
Feeder, Stitcher, Folder, Trimmer
Harris 450 Saddle Binder
Collate, Stitch,Trim
4 Pockets, 2 Stitch Heads
Three Knife Trimmer
Mailcrafter 9800
Reconditioned in 2013
Runs and looks Great!.
Rollem Auto 4
Multi Head Numbering

2 Reiner 6 digit numbering heads
2 Reiner 8 digit numbering heads
New strike pads and ink pads included
Very Cean Machine