PS 10 Rotary Numbering Machine
Speed: Up to 20,000 sheets per hour Higher production levels, depending on job requirements
Number of Heads: Up to 42 for increased productivity. Multiple up numbering in a single pass, numbering speed is not
affected by the number of printheads.
Oscillating Ink Roller System offers superior image quality and is economical. Use ink off your shelf or PMS color match.
Large Split Holding Ring (18.86" cir.) offers full bleed 11' x 17" and (A3) with flexible number placement.
Electronic Repeat: 0-99 - put the same number on consecutive sheets.
Print Position Adjustment - Fast, easy set-up, adjust number on the run.
Simplified Controls for user friendly operation, all easily accessible.
Sheet Counter Factory installed with 8 digit LCD readout.
Automatic Bottom-of-Pile Air Suction Feed - Top loading for continuous operation allows for greater productivity.
Base with Three Individual Pumps -Seperate pumps control the pneumatics, vacuum, and sheet separation air flow, all
contained in base unit.
Lift Out Perforating, Scoring, Slitting Assembly - Combine any/all operations for one pass finishing with true
professional results. Large selection of blades.
Impression Adjustment - Precise pressure adjustment from single sheet to multiple sets. Independent side-to-side.
110V Standard   (220V optional) 110V plug-in and run, no special wiring required.
Machine Size 62"L x 32" W x 48" H (1575mm x 813mm x 1220mm)
Max Sheet Size 17 1/2" x 23" (445mm x 585mm)
Min Sheet Size 4 1/2" x 5" (114mm x 127mm)
Weight 370 lbs
Equiped with (1) Holding Ring with cam finger, (1) straight wheel rotary printhead, (1) perf and (1) score assembly
Duplo DC 10000
30 Bin Collator
with Lifting Station
and  Stacker
Stahl folder
16 page
SN : 37430-154106
Continuous feeder
4+4+4 plus 2 gatefold plates.
Pre score shaft in main unit.
BST 10 Booklet Maker
2-10 bin towers
Feeder, Stitcher, Folder, Trimmer
Harris 450 Saddle Binder
Collate, Stitch,Trim
4 Pockets, 2 Stitch Heads
Three Knife Trimmer
Tab Reinforcer
Great Lakes Model# TS37
Fully Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine, ST 1250 Stream Feeder
with Batch Counter1-9999, Conveyor and Shrink Tunnel
Kluge Hyperfold Pocket Folder Gluer
Vacuum Feeder, Infeed Table, Angled Bucklefolder, With Final Fold and Conveyor,Good Running
Rollem Champion ETR
High Production Slitter
High Pile Feeder, Vacuum Feed, Perf, Slit Score. Perform edge
trimming, bleed-slitting, scoring, stop-perforation on all types of
products ranging from direct mail , brochures, telephone cards,
variable data sheets and much more.
1996 Bobst Domino 90 Folder Gluer

This Machine Is Equipped with a Nordson Four Gun/Detection
Logicomm System with Rejection, Straight-Line & Auto-Lock
Bottom Tooling, Bobst Batch Kicking & Compression Section.
Total: 58811.92 Hrs.
Horizon BQ-240 Perfect Bound Book Binder

320mm x 320mm Binding Max 12.6" X 12.6"
75mm x 75mm Binding Min 2.9" X 2.9"
1mm to 40mm Binding Thickness 0.04" To 1.6"
600 Books Per Hour Without Milling
400 Books Per Hour with Milling
Single User Operation
Dual Counters
Trouble Monitor
Service and Operation Manual Included
Model of Coater                                        XC29-1-3A
Model of Feeder                                       Model XCF29-1-3A

Max. Width:                                                29” Inches
Max. Speed Per Hour                                3,300 SPH @ Sheet Size 29” X 24”          
Application                                                UV Coating and Curing Off-Line

Lamp Type                                                     Mercury Vapor
Number of Lamps                                           1
Watts Per Inch                                                200 WPI
Total Arc-Length                                            30 Inches
Wattage Per Lamp                                         6,000
IR System                                                       3 Lamp IR System
Over-All Length                                             12’
Total Sheet Dwell Time Length                      3 Feet  
Primary Input Voltage                                    208-240V, 60 Hz. 3 Phase,
Total System Output                                     55 Amps
Electrical Service Required                           75 Amps

Three Roll Coating System
3” Rubber Applicator Roll, Covered with 45 Durometer EPDM.
2.5” Metering Roll, Heavy Wall Stainless Steel.
2.5” Impression Roll, Ground and Hard Chrome Plated.
Agfa (SS) Doctor Blade
1/2 Hp Dc Drive, Speeds Variable 5 to 100 FPM
Fully Guarded Roller Mechanism with Safety Inter-Lock.
300 Watt Per Inch Ambient Air-Cooled UV Conveyor System.
Emergency Lamp Shut Off Inter-Locks.
Quick Lamp Change Lamp Housing Assembly
Digital Belt Reading.
Automatic Cool Down Feature.
Teflon Coated Fiberglass Mesh Conveyor Belt
Vacuum Feed and Transfer
6” Depth Catch Tray with Height Adjustments.
Full Recirculating Pump System
Operation, Safety and Installation Manual
Automated Deep Pile Feeder Model XCF with Double Sheet Detector
Tec Lighting XC 29 UV/IR Coater
Semi-Automatic Hydraulic Three Knife Trimmer
Option for Four Side Cutting
Insertion Height: 120 Mm
Speed: 25cuts /Min
Max. Cut Size: 460 X 350 Mm
Min. Cut Size: 70 X 50 Mm
Extra Knifes
19 inch Brackett Padder

Model CMP1C

Roughing Unit

Pad Chilling Unit
Kluger 340-2, Automatic Punching Machine
Easily punches: ring binder inserts, calendar pages, tab and register-cut
sheets made of cardboard and plastic, paper for wire-bound products,
special punched sheets and much more
Will do up to 1/8" of stock
Maximum Size: 20" x 20"
Minimum Size: 4 1/8" x 4 1/8"
Punching Thickness Of Blocks: 1/64" - 1/8", adjustable without graduation
Punching Operations can executed within 1 3/16" from edge of sheet.
Capacity: 80-110 strokes/minute
Power Requirement: 1.5 kW
Dimensions: 100"H x 40" W x 55" L
1,212 Lbs.
1994 Muller Martini  Panda
Perfect Binding Line

21- 1531HS Pockets
9 Clamp 1530 Binder
Hot Melt Spine Glue
Hot Melt Side Glue
Milling & Roughing Station
Model 251 3 Knife Trimmer
Max Book Size: 10.55 x 14.48″
Min Book Size: 4.48 x 4.72″
Max Book Thickness: 1.27″
Min Book Thickness: 0.118″
Mechanical Speed: 3,600 Cycles per Hour
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