Lawson 45"  
With Microcut
Programmable Back Gauge
Cuts Great!
2008 Baumcut 55
22 Inch
Programmable Back Gauge
Etxra Blades
Schneider Senator 185 MC2
185cm  73 inches
Microcut Programmable Back Gauge
Very Clean and In Excellent Condition
Can Be Seen Running
2005 Perfecta 115 TVC
Guillotine Cutter
One Owner Machine, Only 216,000 Cuts
Cutting Width: 115 cm / 45.27 inches
Programmable with Color Touch Screen Display
Photocell Safety Barrier
Chromed Air Bed
Chromed Oversize Air Side Tables
Optic Light Cutting Line
Full Set of Tools and Manuals
4 Spare Knives
Excellent Condition
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1999 Schneider Senator 78 E Line

Programmable with Memory
Light Beam Safes
FFM Alfa Display, Air bed
Spare Knife/s
Guillotine Cutters
1989 Polar 92 EMC-MON
Very Clean, Runs Perfectly
Extra Blades, Air Bed, Oversize Air SideTables
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2004 Baumcut 26.4 (Polar 66)

Push-Button Programming Stores Up To 198 Programs.
Infrared Safety Beams, Stainless Steel Table, Hydraulic Drive