1995 Manugraph Shiva

Electro-Sprayer Electro-Static
Spray Powder System
Super-Blue Delivery Cylinder
Shivamatic Continuous Dampener
Sheet Decurler
Non-Stop Delivery
Meihle Super 60
7 color 60 inch
The press was re-built in 1994.
Max sheet size:  43" x 60"
Miehlematic damps.
Powder Spray
Baldwin Refrig/Recircs
Static bars
Terries Register system, installed
in 2001      
Graphic Microsystems Microcolor
II console installed in 2001
More pictures and info available on request
Winn 504

Kompac Damps
Ir Drier
Powder Spray
14" X 20" Maximum paper size
13 3/4" X 18 1/2" Printing Area
3 Ink Form Rollers / 16 Roller
Pull guide register - Helical Gearing
Circumferential & Lateral register
on the run
Water chiller circulation unit
More pictures and info available on request

Making Printers Smile For Over 42 Years
Hashimoto 2-26
Conventional Damps
1985 Heidelberg MOVP
Perfects 2/2
Alcolor Dampening
CPC 102 Console
OxyDry Powder Spray
Super Blue Anti Marking
77 Mill Imps
Can be seen running in production
Solna 425
Swedish Made
Conventional Dampening
Very Nice Running Machine
Heidelberg MO
Single Color 25 inch
Conventional Dampening
Powder Spray
Hamada H-248 EX-SF
Powder Spray
Tempest IR Drier
Stream Fed !!
1992 Heidelberg GTOZ-
No Perfector
Alcolor Damps
Royce R&R
Geared for numbering
IR Drier
40 Mil imps.
2003 Komori L-528
43mm Imp
Komorimatics, PQC Series 15 Console,
Plate Cocking, Pierry IR Dryer, Weco
Powder Spray, Royce R&R, 43mm Imp,
Can be seen running
1998 Shinohara 74V

23 x 29 inch five-color format
Straight 5/0 - No perfector
Shinohara control console CIP3
Shinohara continuous dampeners
83 Mil Imps
High Pile
Plate Cocking, Autoplate
Automatic roller wash
Automatic impression wash
Automatic blanket wash
POD touch-screen controls at delivery
Baldwin solution R&R
Soneco IR dryer
ESS powder spray
1968 Heidelberg KORD
Good running Condition
Adast 724P
2 Color 26 Inch Perfecting.
Stripped and completely rebuilt from the frame up In 2007.
Less than 3 million impressions after rebuild.
Excellent Condition
2000 Heidelberg SM-52-2 Color

No Perfector,  Alcolor Dampening, Royce R&R,  Baldwin
IR Dryer, 47.5MM Imp, Alphatronic 200 Powder Spray