1984 Rosback 203R
Stitch, Fold, Trim
1992 Wohlenberg 562
Saddle Stitcher
6 Pockets Plus a Cover Feeder
3 Knife Trimmer
Hohner Stitcher Heads
Can be seen Running
Harris Stacker Not Included
Heidelberg Omegabinder 2
6 Pockets
Cover Feeder
Three Knife Trimmer
Delivery Conveyor
Heidelberg Stitchmaster 100-ST
6- Pockets
Cover feeder
3 knife trimmer
Delivery Conveyor
9,000 Cycles/hr.
Muller Martini Model 300 Saddle Stitcher
Equipt with Model 1529 Cover feeder, 10 Model 279 pockets, 1 Model 1528
Flat card folder feeder, Model 251 Trimmer
Muller Martini Model 235-5
Saddle Stitcher with 292 cover feeder and five
model E-6 pockets, Model 890 trimmer
Muller Martini Model
Model 3670 Trimmer
1983 Muller Martini
Minuteman Saddle Stitcher
This is the cleanest 1983 Minuteman you will ever see.
Unbelievably Low Hrs.
Impeccably Maintained
Looks and Runs Like New